Last Chance Rescue Filter® Escape and Replace Program

Essex™ Industries will replace, FREE of charge, any Last Chance Rescue Filter® used in an emergency situation as long as the following criteria is met:  

1.The filter(s) must not be expired (include proof of purchase date and, if possible, filter expiration date).
2.Letter on department letterhead sent to Essex™ Industries outlining incident # and the events that lead to use of emergency filter. The Chief or other ranking officer must sign the letter.
3.Letter of testimonial from firefighter or firefighters who utilized the filter(s).
4.Where possible, contact information for anyone who may have photos of the incident.  
5.Send used filter with documentation to Essex™ Industries for evaluation. 

Replacements are handled direct from the manufacturer. Please contact Sales at 314-351-6116 for questions or comments.
NOTE:  By participating in the FREE Emergency Escape and Replace Program, your department gives Essex™ Industries permission to use, publish or reprint in whole or in part any provided letters, testimonials, statements, pictures, and or quotations regarding the experience with the product.  Where necessary, firefighters’ and victims’ names and addresses may be changed or omitted to protect their identities.

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