Smoke Hoods 
We provide a full line of self-contained, oxygen-providing, escape hoods for military, first responders, law enforcement, commercial airline pilots and crew, victim rescue, and more. There is also a filter hood for civilians using the same triple layer filtering technology of our Last Chance Rescue Filter. These hoods withstand high heat, fumes and smoke, and offer respiratory protection against deadly particulates, toxic CO gas, and one system provides additional protection against sarin and mustard gases. Learn More

Oxygen Distribution System 
The portable Mass Oxygen Distribution System (MODS) is easily deployed to supply 450 liters per minute of supplemental medical oxygen to as many as 150 patients at 3 L/min in a mass casualty incident, as a hospital oxygen backup system in the event of scheduled line maintenance or an unplanned shutdown of the oxygen system, and in overflow auxiliary patient triage units. Learn More

Liquid Oxygen Converters
Liquid Oxygen (LOX) Converters store oxygen in a smaller quantity liquid form and expand it into a safe, breathable gas for pilot and crew, support teams and patients aboard military fighter and transport aircraft, patient oxygen transfers from theater to transport, and field military hospitals in the war zone. Essex™ has specialized in liquid oxygen storage and conversion technology for over five decades. Learn More  

Liquid Oxygen Systems 
Ambulance Liquid Oxygen Systems (ALOX) are onboard with a variety of critical oxygen distribution systems and accessories for EMS air and ground ambulances. We offer systems with higher gaseous oxygen capacity by volume, lighter gross weight, greater number of patients served, better safety, and reduced space requirements over conventional pressured oxygen equipment. Learn More  

Essex™ Industries is a leading supplier to the Aerospace and Defense, First Response, Safety and Medical markets. Providing engineering and manufacturing solutions to the aerospace and defense industries since 1947, our product portfolio is robust and is no stranger to emergency respiratory protection. 
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